3 Things To Know About Joint Replacement


Did you know that joint replacement is one of the ten most common kinds of surgeries in the United States? Each year, over one million Americans undergo joint replacement surgery. Knee replacements are the most common kinds of joint replacement surgery, followed by hip replacements. Other joints, such as the ankles and shoulders, also undergo replacement surgery. If you want to better understand this type of procedure, here are three things to know about joint replacement.

20 December 2021

Benefits of Seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon


An orthopedic surgeon treats conditions that affect the bones and muscles through surgery. While most people wait until the condition is severe to visit an orthopedic physician, this shouldn't be the case. You should see an orthopedist early to diagnose the issue on time and offer the right treatment option for you. Here are the benefits of visiting an orthopedic surgeon. Eliminates Pain An orthopedic surgeon can help eliminate body pain by treating the existing condition.

10 August 2021

5 Tips To Keep Up With Your Physical Therapy Homework


Physical therapy can treat many different conditions, from back pain to tennis elbow, and does not come with dangerous side effects. However, attending your therapy appointments once a week may not be enough to help you recover. Your physical therapist may ask you to complete homework assignments outside your sessions. Here are a few tips to stick to your homework. Keep Your Eye on the Prize At first, completing physical therapy exercises at home might seem like a chore.

28 April 2021