The Joy of Working Out

At the age of 16, I started exercising regularly. This decision drastically changed my life for the better. I lost an enormous amount of weight and went down three dress sizes. Unfortunately, I had to undergo orthopedic surgery 8 years ago to remove torn cartilage from my left knee. After my surgery, I was afraid to work out due to the continual swelling in my knee. Thankfully, I made an appointment with my orthopedic doctor to talk about this issue. This medical professional prescribed a comfortable and protective knee brace for me to wear while exercising. On this blog, I hope you will discover how an orthopedic doctor can help you exercise again.

Reduce Pain And Improve Mobility With Custom-Made Orthotics


Orthotics are inserts that fit into your shoe and provide support to your feet. While you can try over-the-counter inserts, these don't usually provide the right support you need to feel better. Whether your feet hurt when you are standing, or you have back pain because of poor gait mechanics, orthotics can help. Your orthopedist will talk to you about the symptoms you have and take a medical history to determine the cause of your pain and poor mobility. Orthotics can be prescribed to treat back pain, leg pain, and foot problems. When walking causes you pain, it's possible that you are a good candidate for orthotics. Talk to your orthopedist about your options when you have pain and want to find natural pain relief.

Common Issues Orthotics Are Prescribed For

Orthotics can support your foot so that abnormalities can be corrected. If you have a foot deformity, flat feet, problems with your ankle joint, or need additional ankle support, orthotics can help. They fit easily in the bottom of your shoe and correct any structural problems that exist with your feet in an effort to better support your body when you are standing, walking, or running.

How Orthotics Are Made

Your orthopedist will take careful measurements of your feet and have you stand barefoot in molds that will create a custom imprint of your feet. The molds are sent out so that your orthotics can be made. They are customized specifically to support your feet, making it easier for you to walk with a normal gait. It can take a few weeks for your orthopedist to receive your orthotics so you can try them out and see how your feet feel.

Using Your Orthotics

Place your orthotics inside your shoe, and make sure they are comfortable to wear. You may need to invest in a pair of running sneakers to get used to your orthotics. Over time, you will discover that mobility is easier, and you experience less pain while you are walking. Physical therapy can help address any gait mechanics that were thrown off because you needed orthotics and didn't have them.

When you have pain that causes poor mobility, it's time to visit an orthopedist to see what can be done. Orthotics are one solution to the pain in your feet, legs, or lower back, and can be used no matter what other types of treatment you are receiving.


30 November 2019